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PCI Compliant?

Hotels must join the battle against identity thieves and hackers, or pay the price. So says: Visa, American Express, MasterCard…

The credit card industry has a simple and straightforward message for every hotel and any other merchant who accepts credit cards: “If you don’t have PCI now, get it fast, or else you’ll regret it.”

It is tough love from Visa and company, and your hotel cannot ignore it. The issue is the Payment Card Industry, Data Security Standard, often abbreviated as PCI DSS. The PCI DSS has been around since 2005, but countless merchants, including hotels, simply haven’t gotten the message that if you accept credit cards in this age of cyber-crime, the merchant needs to defend against hackers and identity thieves.

Such defenses will cost time, effort and money, but the consequences of ignoring the PCI DSS will cost much more.

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