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Prism Hospitality Consulting prides itself on the ability to see clearly & intuitively into the nature of complex business situations all around us in the hospitality and travel industries. Bringing order and simplicity to long standing challenges and to the exposure of new opportunities.

As industry leading consultants, the Prism team of consultants develops and stress-tests tomorrow’s thinking about technology today. In these articles, blogs and booklets, we are please to share our hospitality technology and marketing thought leadership with clients and the industry at large.


...a terrible thing happened last month on our consumer-direct, branded hotel website ! Not so long ago a leading upscale hotel brand was thrown into an acutely reactive mode when they realized that due a simple user-configuration error within their Central Reservation System, their branded website was not displaying 90% of their available rates [products] back to consumer searches. In fact, only the hotel’s highest-demand level rates [full rack-rate] were bookable. Not surprisingly, senior management’s first reaction was “how long has this been going on?” After some very swift investigation the answer came back… “Exactly twenty one days”. Three weeks. Let’s refer to this as the unfortuna

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