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Prism Hospitality Consulting prides itself on the ability to see clearly & intuitively into the nature of complex business situations all around us in the hospitality and travel industries. Bringing order and simplicity to long standing challenges and to the exposure of new opportunities.

As industry leading consultants, the Prism team of consultants develops and stress-tests tomorrow’s thinking about technology today. In these articles, blogs and booklets, we are please to share our hospitality technology and marketing thought leadership with clients and the industry at large.

"We Know What You Said!"

...we are listening closely... everywhere! Broadly speaking, a hotel’s departed guest falls into one of three sentiment classes; delighted, content, unhappy. The reasons why guests sit at either end of the contentment spectrum are most likely due to one or more noteworthy experiences or discoveries having occurred during their stay. Historically, a hotelier has had little proximity into their departed guest’s sentiment related to their stay experience, unless of course that guest was sufficiently motivated to send a direct message to the GM, fill out a paper survey card before leaving, or respond verbally to the “How was your stay?” question at check-out. READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

It's all About the Relationships

...GDS providers once controlled over 80% of all air tickets. In the 1980s and 1990s, the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) were the 800-pound gorillas of travel distribution. The four dominant GDS providers controlled over 80% of all air tickets. This market control allowed the GDSs to raise fees at will on a captive clientele of hoteliers and airlines dependent on the reservations they delivered as a calf depends on the cow. Today, they are in not quite the dominant position they once enjoyed for a variety of reasons. This article examines how they rose to a controlling position and then faded somewhat by looking at changes in some of the key relationships between travel suppliers (i.e.,

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