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Prism Hospitality Consulting prides itself on the ability to see clearly & intuitively into the nature of complex business situations all around us in the hospitality and travel industries. Bringing order and simplicity to long standing challenges and to the exposure of new opportunities.

As industry leading consultants, the Prism team of consultants develops and stress-tests tomorrow’s thinking about technology today. In these articles, blogs and booklets, we are please to share our hospitality technology and marketing thought leadership with clients and the industry at large.

Moving to the Cloud 2/3

...Choices! This article is the second in a series discussing key strategies a company’s IT leadership should consider in making a move to the cloud. Part 1 covered what the cloud is and why it should be attractive to most organizations. Part 2 discusses some of the key decisions that need to be made in planning the move. Part 3 will examine the impact of the transition on the IT organization. For most enterprises, moving to the cloud is a strategic shift in the application of resources that fundamentally changes the way a company does business. Executing this strategic shift requires vision, planning and above all, communication. The IT leader that is driving the move needs to have that vis

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