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Prism Hospitality Consulting prides itself on the ability to see clearly & intuitively into the nature of complex business situations all around us in the hospitality and travel industries. Bringing order and simplicity to long standing challenges and to the exposure of new opportunities.

As industry leading consultants, the Prism team of consultants develops and stress-tests tomorrow’s thinking about technology today. In these articles, blogs and booklets, we are please to share our hospitality technology and marketing thought leadership with clients and the industry at large.

We Bought Their Company

...Now What? OK, a merger has been committed. What do the two companies, acquirer and acquiree, need to do in order to successfully integrate the acquired company into the new parent? Ron Tarro, VP of Broadsoft Hospitality, served up the consultant’s favorite response to the question: “It depends. One thing that makes a big difference is if one of companies is a public company or private. There is much more scrutiny if a public company is involved, and it drives a different process. But the big question is, “Why is the acquisition being done?”” Tarro has been on both sides of the acquisition integration fence, once as the acquirer in 2004 (SDD acquired Telemanager) and more recently wh

High Speed Internet Access

...what are the drums telling you? One of the things that drives many –if not most- hoteliers crazy is the incessant, pounding, punishing drumbeat that High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) in hotels should be free, like water or electricity. The vocal crowd pounding those drums beat out the rhythm with a religious fervor, preaching the evils of actually paying for a high-value service in a hotel in guest satisfaction surveys, TripAdvisor reviews and Twitter posts. These messages often include comments like “I’ll never stay in a hotel that charges for Internet” and “Why does a high-class hotel like {enter brand name here} charge for Internet when all the other five-star hotels do not?” READ THE

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