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The Physics of Sales & Catering

The sales & catering space looks like a theoretical physics model of a universe simultaneously expanding and contracting…

Hotel companies and the software developers addressing their needs are expanding the functionality, business models and connectivity of their product lines, bringing hotel sales departments and meeting planners closer than ever. At the same time, the space has seen significant consolidation due to Newmarket International’s March acquisition of primary competitor Daylight Software, both of Portsmouth, N.H.

As competitors, the firms dominated the standalone sales & catering market for full-service hotels. Although Daylight’s customer base was hundreds compared to Newmarket’s thousands, Daylight had successfully penetrated several very large properties and significant hotel companies with both client-server and centralized systems.

The merged enterprise services more than 5,000 hotel clients with only 330 employees. Newmarket International Chief Operating Officer Jerry McNiskin estimates that more than 70,000 people use some Newmarket software application regularly.

Despite Newmarket’s dominance, there are meaningful competitors. The Newmarket line generally represent “best of breed” solutions dedicated to sales & catering.

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