The Basics of System Selection…



…the importance of making the right choices.  


Choosing a system for your hotel or hotel company is an important decision for many reasons.  These decisions matter to you and your hotel company, and the consequences of a poor choice can be severe, impacting operations, profits and guest service negatively for a long period of time, not to mention impact on your career!   And of course, a wise decision has good impacts on all of the above.


Hotels buy things every day, some of low value and short-term impact, like paper towels. Others are costly with a profound long-term effect, such as a Property Management System (PMS). This article will outline most of the basic strategies and tactics in making an informed, traceable and disciplined approach to significant investments in hospitality technology. Not surprisingly, the same strategies and tactics can apply to purchasing almost anything else in the hotel enterprise…such as those paper towels, or cloth towels, or comforters.The simplest definition for the goal of a structured selection process might be “To get the right product with the right services at the right price from the right vendor at the right time.” 






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