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Prism Hospitality Consulting prides itself on the ability to see clearly & intuitively into the nature of complex business situations all around us in the hospitality and travel industries. Bringing order and simplicity to long standing challenges and to the exposure of new opportunities.

As industry leading consultants, the Prism team of consultants develops and stress-tests tomorrow’s thinking about technology today. In these articles, blogs and booklets, we are please to share our hospitality technology and marketing thought leadership with clients and the industry at large.

March 1, 2019

...optimizing all the hotel's saleable products.  

Every good hotel management school graduate will have been well coached in the value of revenue-optimizing all an hotel’s saleable products as a single holistic and complementary business unit. They will also have...

October 15, 2016

...what goes around comes around ! 

Being somewhat of a romantic when it comes to hotels, especially the Grand hotels, I was captivated recently when leafing through a copy of Bradshaw’s Continental Railway Guide, the 1913 edition. This print publication transports us...

January 31, 2016


...are we there yet?


There is no scarcity of impressive statistics espousing the exponential growth in the use of smart-phones and other mobile devices across the globe. Equally we have abundant access to these same data-points, all professionally refined and indexed...

June 30, 2013


...we are listening closely... everywhere! 


Broadly speaking, a hotel’s departed guest falls into one of three sentiment classes; delighted, content, unhappy.  The reasons why guests sit at either end of the contentment spectrum are most likely due to one or more note...

January 1, 2013 really, we do... you told us! 


In the previous “We Know Why You Stay!” article we focused on repointing our thinking toward the fundamentals of Value Based Pricing, and aligning that to a rejuvenated understanding of our guests, why they stay and how that direct...

June 16, 2012


...or do we? 


It would be foolhardy for hoteliers to assume all travellers are fixated on the lowest published room rate.


One of the most successful and award winning travel industry advertising campaigns of recent years belongs to American Airlines who claim “We Know...